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About Chocolate Truffles

            Chocolate truffles were a French invention, made from ganache, a soft textured chocolate consisting of melted chocolate and cream. The ganache for a chocolate truffle is formed into a shape, often a ball or square, and dusted with powdered cocoa. Alternatively, the ganache for a chocolate truffle may be rolled in toppings such as nuts, coconut flakes, confectioners sugar or chocolate to create a variety of textures and flavors.

           Chocolate truffles are named so because they look like mushroom truffles, the earthy fungi found only in the wild, hunted by trained animals who sniff for them at the roots of certain trees. Mushroom truffles sell for over $1,000 per pound and infuse incredible flavors into a multitude of gourmet dishes. Chocolate truffles do not contain any mushroom truffle pieces or shavings as an ingredient. The dusting of cocoa powder on chocolate truffles resembles the dirt that is found on mushroom truffles when they are first pulled from the earth. Both chocolate truffles and mushroom truffles are culinary delicacies, and enjoyed for their gourmet flavors and aromas.

                   The phrase "Chocolate Truffle" has become so popular that other Chocolate Bon Bons have been misnamed as Chocolate Truffles as well. Technically, a chocolate candy with a hard outer component and a smooth, creamy, non-chocolate filling is a Bon Bon, not a Truffle. In order to be a Chocolate Truffle, a chocolate candy must have a center of ganache with either a light cocoa dusting or other simple garnishes.

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