About Laura Rudy


Even before launching La Crème Chocolat, Laura Rudy had spent several years contributing to the sweet side of Southern Maine's food scene. After spending her post-graduate years in France discovering European-style baking, and in Belgium learning about brewing, Laura realized that her calling was in the culinary world. Once she settled in Maine, Laura got to work perfecting her baking skills at Standard Baking Co., and later took a Head Pastry Chef position with the Black Point Inn. She delighted in working with all the beautiful ingredients Maine had to offer as she created delicious seasonal desserts from scratch every day. From there, it wasn't long before Laura discovered her true passion: chocolate. In 2013, La Crème Chocolat was born in Laura's kitchen, so she could pour all her energy and imagination into creating the perfect chocolate truffle.

Since then, Laura has curated collections of chocolates for beer pairings at numerous local breweries, festivals, and special events. Laura has a genius for evaluating the flavor profile of a beer, finding out how to best highlight that character within the right kind of chocolate, and ultimately incorporating those flavors into a single harmonious experience in the form of a truffle.

Laura has also used her time and talents to support worthy causes such as Full Plates Full Potential, the Maine Chapter of the American Heart Association, and the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine as part of their annual Chocolate Lover's Fling.



Starting with top-quality Belgian chocolate, we add only the finest and freshest ingredients to create world-class truffles by hand. Nearly all of the flavors you'll experience in a La Crème Chocolat truffle are grown, ground, or brewed here in Maine. We partner with local producers and suppliers such as Allagash Brewing Co., Coffee By Design, Finest Kind Tea, Foundation Brewing, and Rising Tide Brewing to imbue our chocolates with the best flavors Maine has to offer.

La Crème Chocolat truffles are "made from scratch" in the truest sense. With the exception of locally brewed beer, distilled liquor, or roasted coffee, all flavoring ingredients arrive in our kitchen in the most "whole" form possible. From there we dehydrate fruits, crystallize zest, and roast almonds and hazelnuts ourselves- all to maximize the flavor and beauty these foods have to bring our fine, creamy chocolate to life.

After flavor, texture is our next priority. We have spent years experimenting to achieve the ideal silky-smooth consistency for our chocolate ganache (the center of the truffle). Never dry or crumbly, and never too gooey, the center of our truffles have that perfect balance of barely-there firmness that surrenders to melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate euphoria. Just try one- you won't be disappointed.

At La Crème Chocolat, we utilize the techniques that have been perfected by European chocolatiers over the past 300 years to create one-of-a-kind artisan truffles. Yet we make these truffles our own by infusing distinctly American flavors into our ultra-creamy chocolate ganache