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Featured Mother's Day Truffle Flavors


The Beer: Allagash Curieux

The Chocolate: 60% chocolate coated in a 68% dark chocolate shell

Featured Flavors: A layer of dark chocolate ganache over a bed of bourbon vanilla bean-infused, sea-salted carame

Topped with: Spiced pecan pieces

This truffle is the marriage of two distinct, delicious confections made into one bite-sized delicacy. The bottom layer is a bourbon-vanilla bean caramel that has been accented with flakes of sea salt and coated in a medium dark chocolate. To this, a rich, Allagash Curieux-infused dark chocolate ganache is added before the whole truffle is enrobed in a deep, dark chocolate and then studded with spiced pecan pieces. Gooey caramel, melt-in-your-mouth ganache, and crunchy spiced nuts will excite your palate with a burst of flavor and contrasting texture.

Burnside Coffee

The Beer: Foundation Brewing's Burnside Brown Ale

The Chocolate: A creamy 54% chocolate ganache cloaked in a coating of rich 68% dark chocolate

Featured Flavors: Cold-brewed coffee, sweet malt, and a subtle smokey essence

Topped with: Coffee nibs, bittersweet chocolate

Burnside Ale-Coffee dark chocolate ganache is enveloped by an even darker chocolate and garnished with rich coffee nibs and bittersweet chocolate shavings.  Coffee By Design’s freshly roasted beans are cold brewed to impart a smoky flavor without the elevated astringency and add a contrasting textural component in the garnish.  Foundation’s British-style Ale gives this truffle depth of coffee flavor and is further highlighted by the addition of Coastal Root Coffee Bitters.


The Beer: Allagash Coolship Red

Featured Flavors: Crisp, tart raspberries

Chocolate: A 53.8% chocolate ganache enrobed in 62% dark chocolate coating

Topped with: A crystallized raspberry heart

This fresh raspberry truffle is dark through and through.  Featuring Allagash Coolship “Red” beer and fresh raspberry puree in the creamy ganache center, the truffle is topped with a tart crystalized raspberry heart.  With this lovely garnish, the crisp raspberry flavor creates an homage to Maine summer woods where fresh raspberries are plentiful for the picking.


The Featured Flavors: Rosewater, pistachio, Persian spices

The Chocolate: a specially blended 43% milk chocoalte enrobed in a rich 54% dark chocolate coating

Topped with: a crystallized pink rose petal and crushed pistachio

This unique truffle combines the complex flavors of rose, pistachio and spices, traditionally used in Persian and Middle Eastern dishes, with a specially blended light, dark chocolate.  The rich ganache center is delicately enveloped in a dark chocolate and crystallized rose petals adorn the top, surrounded by crunchy roasted pistachio pieces.

Rye Whiskey

The Spirit: New England Distilling's Gunpowder Rye Whiskey

The Chocolate: 58% dark chocolate

Featured Flavors: Cinnamon, sassafras, pepper, with subtle notes of vanilla and oak

Topped with: Sugar, cinnamon, and just a hint of pepper

New England Distilling’s Gunpowder Rye Whiskey combines with sweet dark chocolate in a decadent ganache center that is then coated and topped with a special blend of sweet and hot spices.  This Maryland-style Rye adds notes of cinnamon, sassafras, and oak flavors with a robust peppery heat that subtly comes through the dark chocolate taste and lingers for lasting enjoyment.


*As featured in Zest Magazine Nov/Dec 2016*

The Spirit: New England Distilling's Gunpowder Rye Whiskey

The Chocolate: 58% dark chocolate

Featured Flavors: Cinnamon, sassafras, pepper, with subtle notes of vanilla and oak

Topped with: Sugar, cinnamon, and just a hint of pepper

This recipe is the same as the Rye Whiskey, but what makes this truffle unique is the incorporation of chocolate that has been aged in New England Distilling’s Gunpowder Rye Whiskey barrels. Look for added depth of flavor in the barrel-­aged chocolate truffles, as well as richer, sweeter notes of vanilla and coconut.

Fernet Orange

The Spirit: Liquit Riot Fernet Michaud

Featured Flavors: Citrus, herbs, bergamot

The Chocolate: 58% chocolate ganache coated in 62% dark chocolate

Topped with: Earl Grey-infused crystallized orange zest

An ode to the strong after dinner drinks still popular in Europe and once very common here in the U.S., our Fernet Orange has all of the hallmarks of those beverages in chocolate form.  Herbal and citrus notes of Fernet Michaud blend with a combination of dark chocolates, bergamot, and orange zest to produce a unique, creamy center which is then coated in a deep dark chocolate and topped with Earl Grey-steeped, crystallized orange zest

Other available flavors:


The Beer: Rising Tide Brewing Company's d'Automne American Warehouse Ale

Featured Flavors: The best of the Pumpkin Pie spices- a curated blend of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, plus subtle notes of spiced citrus.

Chocolate: 54% dark chocolate

Topped with: Spiced cookie crumbs, suggestive of a homemade graham cracker pie crust

Dark chocolate melds with sweet cream, Rising Tide’s autumn saison, D’Autome, and a classic mix of spices to create a truffle filling that tastes like biting into a pumpkin pie. The filling is then enrobed in a more luscious dark chocolate and accented with a mix of spiced cookie crumbs, which conjure up the feeling of a homemade graham cracker crust. This truffle is perfect for crisp fall days or sharing with family and friends at your table.


The Beer: Allagash Avance

The Featured Flavors: Tart strawberries balanced with just a touch of white pepper

The Chocolate: Dark chocolate

Topped with: Avance-soaked crystallized strawberry

From the garnish to the rich center of this truffle, only the sweetest, local strawberries were used in this unique creation.  Allagash’s Avance adds a touch of intensity and tartness to the berry flavor, while a pinch of white pepper and robust dark chocolate balance the combination.  Garden-grown strawberries are soaked in this complex beer before being crystallized and draped atop this delicious chocolate.


The Featured Flavors: Blueberry Barque by Highland Organics

The Chocolate: a creamy milk chocolate center enrobed a light dark chocolate coating

Topped with: crystallized Maine blueberries

Using locally sourced ingredients, this uniquely Maine truffle features a creamy milk chocolate ganache infused with Blueberry Barque by Highland Organics.  Then hand rolled in a light dark chocolate, this truffle is garnished with crystallized, fresh picked and Maine-grown blueberries.  This truffle's distinct blueberry flavor evokes memories of summertime in Maine.

*Available in summer only*


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